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Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.

We are living in a time that is arguably the best period of human history. An age where more possibility and connectivity exists than ever before, but we felt there wasn’t a platform purpose-built to support our interests in taking advantage of that opportunity.

As children, we have an insatiable desire to be curious and to explore life through a perspective of wonderment and amazement. The trouble is this tends to diminish as we get older. But it doesn’t need to.

We believe that everyone should be supported to pursue the topics that interest them. Through community and like-minded connections we aim to help create new relationships that inspire, motivate and support you towards your potential and ambitions.


“At WONDR we have one simple goal - to be a place where you feel supported and capable to pursue the topics that matter most to you.”
Sam Reader - Co-Founder and Marketing Guy

Sam Reader

Co-Founder and Marketing Guy

Sam leads a lot of the marketing activity at WONDR and his primary role is as a community manager, to understand the needs of the people on WONDR.

Sam has always been motivated by the diversity of people and how they can achieve incredible things when they follow their interests and passions.

After working in the marketing industry for the majority of his career, he saw first hand the noise and clutter of social media, none of which nurtured his interests meaningfully.

The seed of an idea was born to create a platform that purposefully helps people to discover and meet like-minded people. Where, as a collective, they could surround each other with ideas, knowledge and support in the topics that matter to them.

Simon Jones - Co-Founder and Operations Guy

Simon Jones

Co-Founder and Operations Guy

Simon manages a lot of the team activity at WONDR, ensuring Governance and Operational responsibilities are cared for.

Simon, previous to his career at WONDR, worked as a Project Manager within the COO division at a Global Investment Bank. He decided to move into the technology industry to bring his skills to handle the operational tasks of building and managing the startup.

In his eyes, social media needs a change. He believes heavily in WONDR’s manifesto and community guidelines to help create a collaborative and positive thinking community.

In the modern era, we need more ways to access reliable information and trustworthy advice, from people who have “been there done that”. His aim for WONDR, is that it opens doors to its users to a positive community of likeminds; who can equip each other with motivation to live prosperous and healthy lives.


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David Wright, Ecosystem Manager, Barclays UK Ventures Barclays Eagle Lab

“When we first met Sam and Simon, we were very excited by the prospect of WONDR. I could relate to it on many levels as I’ve personally always been active in exploring my interests, and to have a platform that connects me with like-minds for problem solving and idea generation is a fantastic idea. Getting to know Sam and Simon better throughout their time at Barclays Eagle Labs, we’ve also witnessed their passion and resolve for making WONDR a success - I think it’s an awesome platform!”

Lesley Taylor, Graduate+ Programme Manager, Birmingham City University

“Sam and Simon are impressive individuals who are committed to implementing change in providing a platform that connects people and ideas in a way that promotes the ‘common and individual good’ through positive action. We share much synergy in how we support people and the community to nurture and pursue their aspirations, whilst being inclusive and genuine in our approach. WONDR is growing from strength to strength and this is down to the genuine, authentic approach afforded by Sam and Simon who consistently strive for the best solution in which to provide a platform with integrity and value. We love the essence of this platform!”

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